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Upload Art


Please Upload Vector Art Whenever Possible

Convert all of the text to outlines or include all of the fonts used

Include all of the linked files

Include a .pdf file of the final artwork

If art was created in a different vector program please save or export as an .eps, .ai or .pdf file

300 dpi is the minimum resolution for a continuous tone image at actual size.

1000 dpi minimum resolution for bitmapped images including type

Logos should be created in a vector-based program such as Adobe Illustrator. Raster images such as JPG, TIFF, BMP, must be high resolution. We suggest 300dpi at actual size.

Please DO NOT send files at 72 dpi to be placed at 100% (this includes most files from web sites) as this resolution is okay for screen viewing but not for printing. Our miminum dot is 2%. Please set gradients and continuous tone images at 2%-85%.

Jpgs or low-resolution logos will need to be recreated by our art department.

The number of colors you may use will depend on the type of label and the press it will be printed on. Please contact customer service if you have questions about this.

Use the PANTONE COATED color matching system when assigning spot colors to artwork. If you are using multiple programs, make sure that the color names match. For four color process jobs, indicate the Pantone color desired if applicable. If color matching is critical, we must have an accurate proof to match. Convert all RGB images to CMYK. Delete all unused colors from the color palette.

Most of our dies have 1/8" rounded corners. Please keep copy 1/16" away from the edge of the label.

If any images or a background color is to go to the edge of the label, we need 1/16" bleed added to the outside of the die cut.

If you have any further questions after reading the artwork specifications, you may contact our art department at


McCracken Bag & Label’s art department is Mac-based; however, we are compatible with both Mac and PC formats. If you have digital artwork, please send it. If all you have is a printed logo or rough layout, our graphic artists can recreate it and help you design your label or bag.

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