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Green Smart Program

Our Corporate Commitment to Everyone’s Future!

The McCracken Bag & Label “Green Smart Program” entails educating both our employees and our vendors of our commitment to safe environmental protection practices.

It starts with offering multiple sustainable label products:

Renewable Papers

“Tree-free” label materials made from cotton linters and sugar cane or bamboo

Dissolvable Paper

Paper label material that dissolves in water, and is biodegradable

water based inks

Inks that are entirely natural and eco-friendly and derived from a renewable source

Eco friendly products

We also strive to use the most ecologically friendly products for all of our production opportunities.

For example, the use of thinner films as an option for both laminating and print, always keeping in mind the most effective yield result as it relates to waste and overall quality.

A “Safe Grounds Policy” eliminating the use of herbicides on our grounds

A new direct-to-plate pre-press system reducing film negatives and chemical usage

New lighting systems Plant-wide significantly reducing airborne pollutants

New Label Production Equipment that significantly reduces set-up and production while reducing waste costs by more than 15%

It is McCracken Bag & Label’s belief that the good of the environment should always be the #1 priority in assessing all operations. We feel the cost associated with having a “Green Policy” is always secondary to being a responsible and environmentally friendly partner in our community.



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McCracken Bag and Label Co. Adds to KTI Equipment Fleet with Addition of New Automatic Butt Splicer

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