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McCracken Bag & Label Co Adds a Gonderflex GFSR Slitting Machine Equipped with Erhardt+Leimer SmartScan to Its Label Production Line

Chicago, IL, December 2023 – McCracken Bag & Label Co. announces that it has added a fully servo-driven Gonderflex GFSR slitting machine to its production line, which can be used to inspect, slit, and rewind a wide range of materials from label stock to thin unsupported film up to a speed of 1000 ft/min.

The GFSR slitting machine is versatile, offering the possibility of having all three separate slitting modules—crush, shear, and razor blade—on the machine at all times. That allows the operator to instantly switch the slitting method as needed.

McCracken’s GFSR machine also is equipped with Erhardt+Leimer’s SmartScan 200% inspection system, and the complete inspection suite is composed of a secondary splicing table and a waste rewinder.

During operation, the SmartScan system continually scans the web looking for defects, and through precise integration, when one is found, it will automatically stop the machine so that the defect can be located directly on the secondary splicing table. The operator can then decide to either replace the defective label or remove the defective web length using the dedicated waste rewinder.

The new slitting machine is yet another addition to McCracken’s premium label printing services that will help us continue to provide custom solutions that deliver quality and cost efficiencies to our customers.

About McCracken
McCracken Bag & Label Co. is a family-owned company with the vision to focus on specific markets and partnerships to provide custom solutions that deliver quality and cost efficiencies. The company delivers exceptional value to our customers through the implementation of new technologies. A key corporate objective include a clear understanding of the company’s responsibility to protect the ecology of our planet. The company’s innovative “Green Smart” program is focused on reducing negative environmental impacts caused by our business operations. For more information, visit