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McCracken Bag & Label Co. Adds a Second Gonderflex Press to Its Production Lines

Chicago, IL, October 2023 – McCracken Bag & Label Co. announces that it is adding a second Gonderflex press to its production lines.

The Gonderflex GFLXM press features a full servo motor drive flexo. Each station is equipped with pull-out cassette-style inking systems and high efficiency IR/hot air-drying systems with a heat recirculation feature. The first flexo unit has a reversible printing which allows printing on the back of the web without using a turn bar. The converting section is composed of three individual die cutting units, one equipped with a Versa-Cut adjustable anvil, and a sheeting/cross perforation unit.

The new press will help improve McCracken’s label printing services and reduce lead times to customers.

About McCracken
McCracken Bag & Label Co. is a family-owned company with the vision to focus on specific markets and partnerships to provide custom solutions that deliver quality and cost efficiencies. The company delivers exceptional value to our customers through the implementation of new technologies. A key corporate objective includes a clear understanding of the company’s responsibility to protect the ecology of our planet. The company’s innovative “Green Smart” program is focused on reducing negative environmental impacts caused by our business operations.