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McCracken Bag & Label Co. Adds an Eighth Bag Machine and Printing Press to Its Rapidly Growing Bag Department

Chicago, IL, September 2023 – McCracken Bag & Label Co. announces that a new state-of-the-art, all servo motor-driven, flat bottom, Champion Machinery bag machine (CMFP 220 Paper Bag Machine) has been placed into service, in line with a new four-color printing press.

The automatic bag machine and printing press will produce McCracken’s quickly increasing volume of 12 lb flat bottom bags. The new machinery will help increase production and quality, while reducing lead times to customers.

About McCracken
McCracken Bag & Label Co. is a family-owned company with the vision to focus on specific markets and partnerships to provide custom solutions that deliver quality and cost efficiencies. The company delivers exceptional value to our customers through the implementation of new technologies. A key corporate objective include a clear understanding of the company’s responsibility to protect the ecology of our planet. The company’s innovative “Green Smart” program is focused on reducing negative environmental impacts caused by our business operations. For more information, visit